Complete Concrete Surface Preparation

concrete cleaningSurface preparation is an important and sometimes overlooked part of a concrete construction project. It is especially important if applying overlays, staining the surface, or even sealing a slab; but proper cleaning and surface preparation is critical for the desired results with concrete coatings and treatments . Without it, stains will not absorb, overlays will not adhere, and sealers will peel. Often, a light etching and cleaning is all that is required, but more intensive grinding or scaring may be required for tough projects. That is why it is especially important in Utah, to use a skilled and experienced contractor, like Ryan Kartchner Concrete Construction.

The first order of business is an inspection of the concrete to gauge its general condition, soundness, possible contaminants, and presence of moisture. The contractor determines the best methods to use in preparing the surface to meet the requirements of the project in the Salt Lake or Utah Valley. A proper evaluation allows for the selection of the proper tools and equipment needed. Kartchner Concrete, for a quote

Decontamination of the concrete surface requires the removal of oils, grease, wax, fatty acids and other contaminants. RKCC might accomplish this by the use of detergent scrubbing with a heavy duty cleaner/degreaser, low pressure water cleaning, steam cleaning, or chemical cleaning. Success is dependent upon the depth of penetration of the contaminant into the concrete construction.

In order for concrete stain or sealing to penetrate and work properly, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry beforehand. Next, the concrete will be rinse off with clean water and allowed to dry thoroughly before applying concrete coatings and treatments .

cleaning before and after

Remember, proper surface preparation includes the following four things:

1. Inspection of the concrete substrate

2. Removal and replacement of non-durable concrete

3. Decontamination of the concrete surface

4. Repair of surface irregularities

Finally, the process of staining can be used to improve the look of a concrete patio, walkway, or pool deck and complete your concrete design. After the stain has dried completely, a concrete sealer may also be applied to give the surface a finished look and protect it from dirt and wear. Another job efficiently completed by Kartchner Concrete!