Artistic Concrete Design: Stamping textures and patterns

stamped concrete patioWhen looking for superior concrete design ideas along the Wasatch Front such as stamped concrete, concrete coatings and treatments you will also want an experienced artistic concrete contractor like Ryan Kartchner Concrete Construction. Stamped concrete has become a popular choice for many homeowners in Utah because it offers a variety of options for concrete pattern and concrete colors. Stamped concrete, often called textured or imprinted concrete—is concrete that imitates other surfaces and textures; like slate and flagstone, tile, brick and even wood.

Another factor contributing to stamped concrete’s popularity is its price. The cost of stamped or imprinted concrete is often much lower than other decking and design materials. Concrete is the perfect canvas for creating a cost-effective replica of more expensive materials, without giving up the natural outdoor look.

Concrete stamping, coating and textures may be the perfect choice for beautifying pool decks, driveways, entries, courtyards, and patios. RKCC can provide almost any custom color choice that you may want. Call Ryan for a bid in the Salt Lake or Utah Valley or href="/">fill out this e-mail form for a quote.

Stamped Concrete PatternsWhen choosing colors and patterns for your stamped cement, make sure they blend with other elements at your residence. Stamped concrete can also be used in conjunction with other decorative concrete elements such as exposed aggregate or acid staining. Popular patterns include brick, hexagonal tile, worn rock or stone.

A colored and stamped concrete patio is the perfect decorative "flooring" for outdoor entertaining areas. Concrete offers all the beauty of an indoor floor along with the superior durability and weather resistance of exterior concrete. More Utah homeowners are realizing that a stamped concrete patio can give them the look they have always dreamed of.

Safety Options

Another family safety option to consider are the Ultra-Tough Coatings that are water-based, low-VOC, eco-friendly, providing a non-skid surface. They can be applied to almost any surface in your entertainment area. Adding aggregate to the concrete can also provide texture to avoid slip-and-fall accidents.

Tip: Remove Existing Stains First

Because concrete stains won’t hide color variations or unwanted stains in existing concrete patios resulting from dirt, oil, grease, organic matter, or weather exposure; they must be removed first. Or plan on resurfacing your concrete before staining or adding patterns.