Concrete Construction: News and technology

solar cementConcrete is one of the world’s most versatile and widely used materials for any kind of construction. It provides a durable, resilient and sustainable end products that has seemed almost indestructible. With most concrete projects the average person will need professional help for lasting design lasting design and durability.

If you find that your concrete in the Salt Lake City or Provo area needs repairs, such as: concrete lifting, deck and driveway repair, trip hazard repair or removal, void filling, sinking concrete or concrete tear out, give Ryan Kartchner Concrete Construction a call. He will provide a bid for your concrete work.

Concrete has been used in most buildings in both residential and commercial concrete construction applications. Sometime those applications in the Utah Valley need concrete restoration or concrete maintenance. You can count on Ryan’s 20 years of expertise in the concrete business for your specialty concrete repair.

Concrete Technology News

In 2015, global cement production was about 4 billion tons. Recent years have seen enormous advances in the technology of concrete as a building material, its strength and compactness have reached levels never dreamed of before. Concrete projects in Utah and the world are on the rise. Thanks to improved material properties, concrete structures have also been greatly improved, their weight and dimensions reduced too. Advances are also found in the reinforcing materials used in construction. Mostly in high strength steel, fiber-reinforced polymers, and the way they are combined with concrete design needed in high performance structures.

With current technology they are able to analyze mineral slurries, ceramic suspensions, construction materials, mortars and grouts to determine qualities such as flow behavior, and processing time. Coming up with even more new uses for concrete. If you need help with concrete design using stamped concrete, concrete coatings or concrete maintenance look no further than Ryan Kartchner Concrete.

New Invention: Lighted Solar Cement

What would you think about being able to drive on a lighted cement roadway that utilizes solar energy? In order to light roads, highways or bicycle lanes without electricity, Ph.D. José Carlos Rubio has created a light-emitting cement that has a lifespan of 100 years.

Rubio explained that cement is a dust when it's added to water dissolving effervescently. Then it starts to become a gel, like hair styling gel, but much stronger and more resistant. At the same time, crystal flakes are formed as unwanted sub-products in hardened cement.

The research focused on modifying the micro-structure of the cement in order to eliminate crystals and make it gel completely. This helped it to absorb solar energy and return it into the environment as light. Any building, road, highway or structure could be made out of this new cement with solar energy and emits it during the night for around 12 hours. Very Cool!

It makes one wonder what is next? Discover Inflatable Cement Homes see the YouTube Video!