Spring Concrete Maintenance: Sealing and Repair

RK Concrete SealingIt’s spring in Utah, the time of year to inspect your decks, driveways, and other concrete work for repair and maintenance. Just doing some upkeep on your concrete work you can keep it looking beautiful and staying durable for much longer than concrete left exposed to the elements. Follow these important tips and call Ryan Kartchner Concrete Construction of Salt Lake to keep your concrete looking great!

Sealing your concrete provides a final layer of protection against damage from the weather, including contamination from de-icing chemicals, water damage, corrosion and stress caused by freeze/thaw cycles. At RKCC we are able to effectively seal and re-seal your new and existing concrete, prolonging the life of your concrete driveway, patio, garage floor or sidewalks.

Not only does concrete sealing prolong the life of your concrete, it can also enhance and preserve the appearance of decorative concrete such as our decorative stamped, colored, stained/dyed or exposed aggregate applications.

Whether it’s new or existing concrete, an easy yet impact-full maintenance procedure is as simple as applying the right sealing compound. Concrete throughout Utah and especially along the Wasatch front is subjected to extreme weather. Contact Ryan Kartchner Concrete Construction for our professional concrete sealing treatments designed with our harsh Utah climate in mind.

Maintenance Tips:

Set Up Annual Cleaning & Sealing Services

Don’t just wait to call RK Concrete when there’s an obvious deterioration problem with your concrete. Continuous annual maintenance can increase the life of your concrete and reduce the need for expensive repair or replacement costs. Contact us to arrange annual discounted concrete cleaning and sealing services

Cleaning a Concrete Driveway

The frequency that a driveway needs to be cleaned professionally depends on two factors, vehicle traffic and local weather. Vehicle traffic can cause stains from fluid leaks and leave tire residue on the concrete driveway. Concrete is porous and fluids seep deep into the concrete, so it is crucial to clean any fluid puddles away as soon as they are noticed.

Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealers extend the life of your concrete by reducing the amount of wear caused by vehicle traffic and the effects of fluid staining. Sealer finishes vary and range from a natural appearance to high gloss depending on the desired design effect.

Stamped ConcreteStamped Concrete Sealer Protects Your Investment

Concrete, can look like many different materials like natural stone, brick or slate stone with our specialty tools. Because of this versatility in constructing designer concrete patios and concrete floors, stamped concrete is a very popular choice for Utah homeowners. Stamping concrete adds additional value to your commercial or residential property so protect your investment with the right sealant.

How Often to Reseal the Concrete

The recommended amount of time for resealing is every 2 or 3 years. If the area is a high traffic area renew the surface with sealer once a year. Include using stamped concrete sealer in to your annual property or home maintenance routine, you concrete surface can provide you with a lifetime of use.