Don't replace it, Raise it!

Don't Replace it, Raise it!

Uneven and settled concrete not only decreases property value, but creates a safety hazard. Our work is done in a matter of hours, and the concrete will be ready for use the same day! Done at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Concrete settles for a variety of reasons. The #1 reason is that the base simply was not compacted properly before the concrete was poured. Over time the sub-base simply fails under the weight of the new slab and therefore settles. An additional problem in a climate like Utah is ground-heave or the freezing and thawing cycles which cause the base to move. Whatever the reason, slab-jacking or concrete lifting is the proven answer. A series of small holes are drilled in the slab through which a grout and cement mix is pumped beneath the concrete slab. The grout under pressure depresses and helps stabilize the sub soil, fills the void and thus raises the slab to its proper grade. After the slab is lifted the holes are filled and patched with new cement.

The entire process is usually completed in just a few hours, allowing the concrete to be back in use immediately, and at 50 - 90% less than the cost of replacement

Minimal mess, minimal down time, and as you still have the same concrete, newly lifted areas will still match the color of surrounding concrete. (Only the holes, which must be patched with new cement, may not match.)

It should also be noted that any existing stains or cracks will still be there as the slab-jacking process elevates the existing slab by pumping grout under the slab. Since concrete will not bend, slabs that are poured with "dips" in it will still have the dips after it is lifted. Virtually all concrete cracks. The crack may be on the bottom of the concrete and not be visible until after it is lifted. Every effort is taken to prevent cracking, however we cannot be held responsible for cracks. Slabs with a few cracks can be lifted by a professional slab-jacker but severely cracked concrete may need to be replaced.

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